[admin] Closing the gpa-dev list

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Tue Sep 8 13:39:23 CEST 2015


This is the last message to the gpa-dev list.  Due to a lack of traffic
that list will now be closed.

Development discussions around GPA should now be directed to the
gnupg-devel at gnupg.org list.  The 256 current subscribers will not
automatically be migrated to gnupg-devel; please do this yourself: See

Question on the use of GPA should be directed to the gnupg-users mailing
list: <https://lists.gnupg.org/mailman/listinfo/gnupg-users>.

Thanks for taking part in GPA development over the last 15 years and I
hope to read you again over at gnupg-devel.  Special thanks to Bernd
Eckenfels who moderated this list (and many others) and thus kept it
free of spam.



Die Gedanken sind frei.  Ausnahmen regelt ein Bundesgesetz.
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