[PATCH] tools/gpgconf.c (main): Initialize libgcrypt.

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Thu Aug 11 13:03:55 CEST 2016

On Wed, 10 Aug 2016 14:36, justus at g10code.com said:

> 1/ If the order is important, I don't like that, and we should fix
> that.  That sounds like the code is trying to be clever with the
> preprocessor.

config.h must always be the first header becuase it controls features
provided by the system headers.  The latter SHOULD prepend application
specific headers to ease debugging.

[ some magical way that the error source is set that your change ..]
> 2/ Likewise.  It might be convenient, but it sounds too magical to be
> good.  Explicit is better than implicit.

The tricky part is the GPG_ERR_SOURCE which has a default unless set in
another way.  In general not a problem but sometimes things get messed

[i18n.h being included in common/init.c]
> 3/ I don't understand that point at all.

Pretty easy: This requires linking to libintl even for tools which have
no need for it.

> 4/ Is that actually a problem?  I just checked, none of the gnupg
> components on my Debian/Linux system are suid root, so that could only

On Linux this is not a problem as long as the amount of mlocked memory
is small enough.  On other OSes you may want to suid the application to
take advantage of mlocked memory.

> I believe that the change we merged looks very reasonable (hence I
> merged it), and such a change should not be able to have subtle
> side-effects like the ones Werner fears.  If there are weird implicit

The gcry_check_version is important and chould be done explicit.



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