Farewell adns, welcome Libdns

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Fri Dec 16 22:19:51 CET 2016


We had several problems with the ADNS maintainer to get our SOCKS
patches into upstream.  This had the unfortunate effect that on Unix we
had no Tor support in GnuPG (for keyservers etc.) but on Windows.  That
is because we could use our ADNS fork on Windows - which we originally
forked to have suitable resolver on Windows w/o resorting to the Windows

Clearly we want to have Tor support in Debian and thus we replaced ADNS
by an even more complete resolver: Libdns [1].  William Ahern, the
author, agreed to accept our patches.  Even if he would not do, this is
less of a problem, because Libdns are just two source files.

Justus took the hard work of adding SOCKS support to Libdns and I just
pushed the latest version to the repo.  On Unix Tor support is now ready
for testing; a little bit of work is left to do on Windows, though.



[1] http://25thandClement.com/~william/projects/dns.c.html.

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