Failure to import home-brewn public key file

Rick van Rein rick at
Tue Feb 2 11:39:07 CET 2016

Hello David,

> If you run "gpg --list-packets" on a file, it'll show you the
> internals of each packet. It's a super handy debug tool for this sort
> of thing.

Indeed it is!  It showed that my public key was 0 bits wide, which I
improved to get the right key ID.

The signature was also off (was not hashing quite the right range of
bytes) and it surprised me that GnuPG didn't make that explicit, but
rather continue to reject the User ID as unsigned.  But combining your
hint of --allow-non-selfsigned-uid and later --check-sigs taught me that.

> Good luck!
Nailed it :)  The working code is on

It is hoped to help to get OpenPGP keys used more in TLS connections!

Thanks for your help!

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