Automated testing with Sharness

Dashamir Hoxha dashohoxha at
Mon Feb 15 08:34:34 CET 2016


I have recently written some automated testing scripts
for a small utility that I am developing:

They are based on Sharness:
which is derived from the testing framework of Git:

I wonder whether it would be interesting to use Sharness
for writting testing scripts for GnuPG as well.

I have seen that GnuPG already has its own testing scripts:
So, in a sense writing new testing scripts could be considered
unnecessary work. It can also be a bit tedious and boring.

However I think that it may be a good task for a student
(as a summer project). It doesn't hurt to write some new
testing scripts besides the existing ones. And it doesn't need
a lot of knowledge and skills to get started (just basic shell scripting
skills and getting familiar with GnuPG). So, I believe that any
hardworking student that is able to work systematically, can do it.

I can also volunteer to be a mentor for this project, but first I need
the support/approval/endorsement of GnuPG developers and
maintainers. Then we also have to find out how to register
this project on Google Summer of Code (so that the students
can find it and apply).

What do you think?

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