libgpg-error: generated two new syscfg files for Axis cameras

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Tue Feb 16 13:36:45 CET 2016

> Whatever happened to disagreeing with someone while still using their
> code, based on technical merit?

This.  In my day job I pull AES256 keys out of memory images to attack
ciphertext and recover traffic.  Some people here would think that's
kind of sketchy in that I'm helping to subvert crypto.  Some people
would be really happy that I'm helping the authorities put together
evidence against child pornographers.

Everything in this space is dual-use.  Yes, 24x7 surveillance can be
used by universities like Cornell to create a surveillance state.  But
it can also be used to keep the plutonium in Cornell's radioisotope lab
secure from theft.

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