Moving the agent's socket to /var/run ?

Patrick Brunschwig patrick at
Wed Feb 24 09:15:22 CET 2016

On 23.02.16 16:24, Werner Koch wrote:
> What about changing the _default_ name for the sockets from, say,
> ~/.gnupg/S.gpg-agent to /var/run/user/<uid>/S.gpg-agent ?  This is
> similar to what system daemons use for their socket names and has the
> further advantage that /var/run is always locally mounted and would thus
> avoid the re-direction file hack used for NFS etc.  This would only be
> done if GNUPGHOME/--homedir is not set so that it is still possible to
> run a second instance of gnupg.
> What do you think?

Just please make the default path a parameter that can be changed when
running ./configure - some systems like Mac OS X don't have a
/var/run/user/<uid>/ directory.


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