gpgkey2ssh has gone, --export-ssh-key is here.

Werner Koch wk at
Sat Jan 9 11:40:03 CET 2016


gpgkey2ssh was more or less a debugging tool but turned out to be useful
to many.  However, it was pretty limited and did not support modern ssh
keys.  An easier solution to export OpenPGP's public keys in the SSH
public key format is by adding a command to gpg.  This has now been done
in master: 


    This command is used to export a key in the OpenSSH public key
    format.  It requires the specification of one key by the usual
    means and exports the lat- est valid subkey which has an
    authentication capability to STDOUT or to the file given with
    option --output.  That output can directly be added to ssh's
    'authorized_key' file.

    By specifying the key to export using a key ID or a fingerprint
    suffixed with an exclamation mark (!), a specific subkey or the
    primary key can be exported.  This does not even require that
    the key has the authentication capability flag set.  To view the
    capability flags of a key use --list- options show-usage along
    with a key listing command.



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