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Werner Koch wk at
Wed Jan 27 09:34:18 CET 2016

On Wed, 27 Jan 2016 07:34, dkg at said:

> i just noticed that 2c3e67430d9b523c85c81ae562223fd51e3608cc claims to
> be signed-off-by me, but it also includes a change in the default
> keyid-format, from 0xlong to short.

Actually this new enum KF_DEFAULT is pretty useless: In keyid.c we have

  if (format == KF_DEFAULT)
    format = opt.keyid_format;
  if (format == KF_DEFAULT)
    format = KF_SHORT;

but in gpg.c we set opt.keyid_format to KF_SHORT. 

> I actually think that the format should be 0xlong, *not* short [0] (or

Well, I still hesitate to change this because it will break some users
applications (which are broken anyway by not using --with-colons).
Wouldn't it be better to always print the fingerprint with keylistings -
the fingerprint is the real identity of the key and not the kludge withe
long keyid.  This is what the option --with-fingerprint does.

> discussion), so i was a little surprised to see this change as
> attributed to me.

It was commited by Neal and he added another Signed-off-by line.



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