[PATCH] gpg: Allow to set TOFU policy in the key editor.

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Wed Jan 27 10:06:46 CET 2016

> This patch allows to set TOFU policy through the interactive
> key editor.

Okay. ...

> +  tty_printf (_("Please assign a TOFU policy to this key\n"));
> +  tty_printf ("\n");
> +  tty_printf (_("  %d = Use the default policy\n"), 1);
> +  tty_printf (_("  %d = This key belongs to the stated owner\n"), 2);
> +  tty_printf (_("  %d = I do not know\n"), 3);
> +  tty_printf (_("  %d = This key is a forgery\n"), 4);
> +  tty_printf (_("  %d = Ask me next time\n"), 5);

In the other menus we use this format: 

    tty_printf (_("  (%d) Ask me next time\n"), 5);

Please use that too.  Can you also add something like

     tty_printf (_("  (%c) Cancel\n"), '0');

and return TOFU_POLICY_NONE in that case?  Using 'q' instead of '0'
would be nicer but it is alien to the other choices and we would also
need to have a translation entry for this.  I know that most menus miss
such an easy way to return to the previous menu but having such a choice
is more convenient.  Or should we return silently on an empty string?



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