intermittent failures in tests/openpgp/gpgtar.test

Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg at
Thu Jan 28 16:45:22 CET 2016

Hi GnuPG folks--

I've packaged gnupg 2.1.11 for debian and uploaded it to debian
unstable.  however, i'm seeing intermittent failures in the gpgtar test
suite.  Particularly, in tests/openpgp/gpgtar.test.  These are not
reliable failures -- they just happen sometimes, frustratingly enough.

I've modified the debian packaging to send the test output to the build
logs when the tests fail (it would be useful to do this automatically
upstream, btw -- if a test fails, and its log isn't insanely large, just
dump the log to the console on which the build is happening).

Here's the log of a build on an amd64 buildd where the build failed:

The contents of tests/openpgp/gpgtar.test.log is between the 'xxx'

Test: gpgtar.test
gpgtar: gpg2: gpg: encrypted with 1024-bit ELG key, ID B27907AA, created 2003-12-31
gpgtar: gpg2:       "Test two (no pp) <two at>"
gpgtar: gpg2: gpg: block_filter 0x00007eff22557d80: read error (size=12273,a->size=12273)
gpgtar: gpg2: gpg: block_filter 0x00007eff22559160: read error (size=13891,a->size=13891)
gpgtar: gpg2: gpg: WARNING: encrypted message has been manipulated!
gpgtar: gpg2: gpg: block_filter: pending bytes!
gpgtar: gpg2: gpg: block_filter: pending bytes!
gpgtar: error running '../../g10/gpg2': exit status 2

Sorry that it doesn't seem very informative -- if there's anything i can
do to provide more useful debug information, that would be great.
Unfortunately, i don't have an environment i can point to where this
happens reliably.  I've seen it happen once on my own build daemon, but
i can't seem to get it to repeat there.

Any ideas?

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