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Werner Koch wk at
Fri Jan 29 14:35:07 CET 2016

On Wed, 27 Jan 2016 22:36, dkg at said:

>> but in gpg.c we set opt.keyid_format to KF_SHORT. 
> hm, confusing.  but this is relevant for more than gpg, right?  it's
> also relevant in gpgv at least.


> I'm not particularly worried about those script -- if they're doing
> parsing of non-machine-readable output, they are going to have fix that.

I just wanted to mentione this.  I am using long keyid for quite some
time now w/o problems and given that 2.1 changed the format anyway
(to "rsa2048/12345678") I agree that it is not a real world problem.

> More conservatively, i guess we could introduce a "none" option for
> --keyid-format; and make "none" the default, while enabling
> --with-fingerprint automatically.

"none" is a problem becuase the keyid is also used at other places and
wheere we do not have a fingerprint available.  Thus your original plan
to make "long" the default seems to be better.

Let me do this along with --with-fingerprint being the default and a new
option --without-fingerprint.

> I see that, but the commit lists me as the author, and the presence of
> my own Signed-off-by line implies that i signed off on the whole piece,
> including the switch back to short keyIDs.  This isn't a big deal (i'm

I'll woull add a comment about this to the change-to-long-keyid change
for historical correctness.



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