Moving the agent's socket to /var/run ?

Werner Koch wk at
Sun Jul 17 09:12:01 CEST 2016

On Fri, 17 Jun 2016 22:49, dkg at said:
> One more wrinkle that i'm finding related to this setup -- what to do
> about overlong socket paths?

Actually that was one of the reasons to switch to /run with 2.1.13.

> might offer a fix.  I'm wondering whether it would make sense to use
> /run automatically on systems where /run/$UID/ is available and the
> standard-socket is prohibited by length (not just by filesystem type).

We alreay do that. If a /run/users/$UID directroy exists with the right
permissions, we create a gnupg subdirectory.

> fwiw, this isn't idle speculation.  I work on monkeysphere in
> /home/dkg/src/monkeysphere/monkeysphere, which is 39 characters in
> length.  the standard test suite operates in a tmpdir templated from the
> cwd as tmp/monkeyspheretest.XXXXXX (another 32 characters), and in the
> test suite tmpdir, there is a GNUPGHOME dir named authentication/sphere

Yes, several people reported that.  In particular on some AIX
installations this seems to be a problem.  We don't create a directory
below /run/users/$UID/gnupg automatically out of a fear that we would
clutter that directory with many subdir used only temporary.  The test
suite could of course remove that directory again.  Maybe we could run a
test first whether a /run directory will be required.

@justus: Can you please look into this?



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