Problems with gpg-agent

Kenneth Benson phoenyx33 at
Mon Jul 18 18:30:53 CEST 2016

First, the way I use gpg is on a usb drive with Thunderbird/Enigmail
installed. As my home `net is unstable, I frequently take this
usb drive to the local library which has free Internet and download my
email from my accounts to the usb. I can then view them
at my leisure at home. My problem is that after running
Thunderbird/Enigmail, when I try to eject the usb it refuses to because
something is in use. I tracked it down to gpg-agent.exe is left running in
the background. How can I stop gpg-agent to safely
dismount the usb? I tried renaming it but then the keys don't work with
arriving signed/encrypted emails. Please help. And I
apologize if this is the wrong list, please tell me which list to send it
to if needed.
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