Outputformat of --list-secret-keys

Meno Abels meno.abels at adviser.com
Thu Jun 16 08:30:58 CEST 2016


i discovered that the output-format of the --list-secret-keys options has
changed since the last release 2.1.12. In the last release version it looks

sec#  ed25519/06A4BEEF 2016-05-31 [C] [expires: 2021-05-30]

the shorted keyid is behind the /.

In the head version it looks like this:

sec#  ed25519 2016-05-31 [C] [verfällt: 2021-05-30]

is this intended? If yes I would recommend to stick with the old format
and add another option for the long keyid.
And to leave the long keyId in the same line at the same column.
This makes it much easier to parse by thirdparty tools-:)


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