Improve error message for expired subkeys

steve (GPGTools) steve at
Fri May 13 12:06:41 CEST 2016

Dear gnupg devs,

occasionally we have users showing up, no longer able to encrypt their mails due to an expired subkey. The error message gnupg delivers in this case is:

[GNUPG:] INV_RECP 0 Fingerprint
[GNUPG:] FAILURE encrypt 53

Basically saying, we don’t know what went wrong.

Is it possible to receive a more precise error message for such cases? Something like

[GNUPG:] INV_RECP 5 Fingerprint
[GNUPG:] FAILURE encrypt 153

That way it would be possible to display an informative error message including steps to solve this issue.

Kind regards,
steve (GPGTools)

PS: not subscribed to list so please cc: me in replies.
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