python bindings for gpgme

Justus Winter justus at
Tue May 31 15:21:39 CEST 2016

Hi :)

Quoting Bernhard Reiter (2016-05-31 14:39:18)
> Hi,
> there are a number of branches for python bindings in 
> and also activity in master.
> * What is the most current branch and what is the state of it?

We decided that it was time to fix the remaining issues and merge that
to master (

> ** Is it to be released with the next gpgme, is there a schedule for this?)

Yes.  Aiui a release is imminent, maybe in the next week or so.

> ** links to the pyme branch which seem to be
>     a bit older compared to the other activities. Shall I link to master?

Yes please.

> * Why was the swig based approach of pyme chosen over the manually build
>   interface of pygpgme? 

I don't know the details, but Ben did some work porting the pyme
bindings to Python3 well before my time, so we thought it was best to
pick that up.  Also, the pyme way should be easier to maintain,
because functionality added to gpgme should become available without
touching the bindings in most cases.


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