Latest libgpg-error breaks gpg-agent and more

Christoph Moench-Tegeder cmt at
Wed Nov 16 12:50:55 CET 2016


after the update to libgpg-error 1.25 (from 1.24) gpg-agent (from gnupg
2.1.15) aborts with core in npth ("Assertion failed: (res == 0), function
enter_npth, file npth.c, line 123").
Short investigation shows that the "sceptre" semaphore is being used
uninitialised. Some more investigation revealed that one would only
need to move the npth_init() call in agent/gpg-agent.c main() in front 
of the init_common_subsystems() call. On the other hand, there have
been more changes and code shuffling between 2.1.15 and HEAD in that
area, and commit fc0b392e766af8127094e8b529d25abb84ad1d65 (October 7th)
seems to have fixed the issue, judging from the commit message
("Call gpgrt_set_syscall_clamp after npth_init.").
Can we get gnupg 2.1.16 "real soon now"?


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