generic and flexible bindings for gpg without race conditions

Werner Koch wk at
Sat Nov 26 17:40:24 CET 2016

On Wed, 12 Oct 2016 02:49, dkg at said:

> With modern GnuPG, using this "send the password explicitly" mode
> requires --pinentry-mode=loopback, but neither classic nor stable
> supports this argument.

You could put

  ignore-invalid-option pinentry-mode
  pinentry-mode loopback

into gpg.conf but that would force the use of loopback for 2.1.  The
ignore-invalid-option does only work with the configuraion file.

> additional subprocess ("gpg --version"), and a possible race condition
> (the subsequent call to gpg could hit a different installed gpg process
> than the one tested with --version if there was an upgrade in between

Which should not harm unless the upgrade is actually a downgrade.

> One way to resolve this would be to add --pinentry-mode=loopback as a
> dummy no-op parameter to classic and modern.  This doesn't help for old

I am in favor of this.

The other alternative would be to switch to loopback mode in 2.1 as soon
as pinentry-fd is used.  This has been suggested somewhere else.  But
that would be surprising and doesn't work with symmetric only encryption.



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