gpg-agent shell variable output

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Wed Oct 5 19:56:58 CEST 2016

On Wed,  5 Oct 2016 19:14, dkg at said:

> If, instead, gpg-agent just detects that it is already running, nothing
> is printed to stdout.  Why not?

Because it needs to connect to the running gpg-agent and fetch the
socket name.  Using gpgconf is easier.  Or the portable way:

  $ gpg-connect-agent '/datafile -' 'getinfo socket_name' /echo /bye

(In a script I would suggest to replace "/bye" by "</dev/null".)

> --browser-socket has never been a documented option in a released
> version.  We could replace it entirely with --disable-browser-socket and
> not break any documented interfaces.

Already done:  Use "none" or "/dev/null" to -e-xtra or --browser socket.

> For symmetry, we could also introduce --disable-restricted-socket and
> explicitly deprecate --extra-socket (if the socket is going to be named
> S.gpg-agent.rstrd then we should refer to it consistently as "restricted

The option name is in use for quite some time, thus we can't really
change it anymore.  Yes, an alias for the option would be possible but
then we need to restart the discussion on whether "restricted" is a good
term :-(.  I hoped we had found a compromise by keeping the option name
but naming the socket file "S.gpg-agent.rstrd" 



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