begging for pyme name change

Jameson Graef Rollins jrollins at
Thu Oct 13 02:52:11 CEST 2016

Hi, folks.  Don't know where else to bring this up so trying here.

I am very, very happy that gnupg upstream is now shipping well-supported
python bindings.  However, I find that the choice of name for these new
bindings to be incredibly unfortunate.  Is there any way the name "pyme"
could be changed to something more sensible?  That name is so
unfortunate for so many reasons.

The name has zero reference to it's functionality, i.e. gpg bindings.
Worse, the use of the long-discouraged "py" prefix makes it seem as if
it's a python version of the "me" library, whatever that is.  Is the
name supposed to mean "python made easy"?  Why couldn't the name just be
"python-gpg", so that users just "import gpg"?  I feel like naming the
bindings "fred" would be less confusing.

I realize upstream releases have already happened, but I beg of you to
please consider changing the name, for the benefit of all of our future

Thank you for your consideration, and thank you very much for the
crucial gnupg suite of tools.

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