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The two thought immediately coming to mind when PGP and GPG are mentioned are:
- PGP started email and file security for privet users, but got commercialized;
- GPG picked up from PGP and is its free replacement, provided by GNU.

>From user point of view there probably isn't any other distinction. 

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> On Oct 19, 2016, at 03:14, Bernhard Reiter <bernhard at> wrote:
> Hi, 
> what is (or should be) our "brand" (name):
> Wikipedia writes
> "Brand is a name, sign, symbol, slogan or anything that is used to identify 
> and distinguish a specific product, service, or business." [1]
> So what is a good brand name for the "The GnuPG Project"?
> The naming principles recorded in wikipedia [2] are too profit-oriented
> for my taste, let me pick some product name qualities that apply to us:
> * They strategically distinguish the product from its competitors [..]
> * They hold appeal for the product’s target audience
> Am Dienstag 18 Oktober 2016 08:57:17 schrieb Bernhard Reiter:
>>>> The brand recognition is specifically highest about "gnupg" not "gpg".
>>> I have no idea whether this is true or not.  How are you measuring it?
>> My observation over a couple of years. Feedback from people that get
>> exposed to OpenPGP.
> The problem I've notived with the name "OpenPGP" is its length. It is a five 
> syllable word. Nobody seems to type or say "OpenPGP" with joy because of its 
> length and difficulty of prounciation (in English). People will mostly fall 
> back to "PGP".
> GPG and PGP are too close to each other to offer a sufficient distinction.
> While GPG seems to have overtaken PGP in world-wide usage by far, people still 
> mix it up. When reading articles in the general press, it is often mixed up.
> "GnuPG" scores better on the appeal (for usage) because it is shorter to write 
> and easier to say.  "GnuPG can be remembered better and is more different to 
> the competing proprietary product "PGP" and the similiar named standard.
> Am Dienstag 18 Oktober 2016 17:04:25 schrieb Uri Blumenthal:
>> One quick point: as far as I know, the highest "brand recognition" today is
>> gpg, probably followed by PGP (at least among those who remember :)), gnupg
>> being a distant third.
>> And I've been with PGP development since its inception.
> Uri, thanks for your observation!
> Given that you are long time crypto expert,  you may belong to a group which 
> is skilled in making a distinction between pgp and gpg. People farer away from 
> the topic are less able to.
> My goal is to let many more people get the benefits of "The GnuPG Project"
> and so far "GnuPG" seems the name best suited for doing so.
> Best Regards,
> Bernhard
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