[PATCH] scd: Generation of ECC keys on-board (OpenPGP card 3)

Arnaud Fontaine arnaud.fontaine at ssi.gouv.fr
Wed Oct 19 12:55:39 CEST 2016

> Thank you for your patch.  The patch is malformed somehow.  Perhaps,
> your MUA or MTA wrapped some lines.
Sorry for that, I will pay more attention in future submissions.

> Anyway, I think that I understand your changes.
> I modified the protocol of KEY-DATA to gpg-agent.  It is not limited
> to a single character, so, "curve" and "kdf" are better.  I also
> modified for support of EdDSA and Curve25519 (the prefix 0x40 and
> Then, commit is pushed to master.
I will test your as soon as the agent is also updated .

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