[PATCH] systemd: Include config for socket-activated user services.

Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg at fifthhorseman.net
Fri Oct 28 00:24:04 CEST 2016

On Thu 2016-10-27 15:03:28 -0400, Werner Koch wrote:

> I mentioned it some time ago that the systemd patches are okay as long
> as they are generic enough.  GnuPG is not a Linux only software and thus
> endorsing a software by adding specific documentaion for it is not what
> I want.

fwiw, the README makes it clear that this folder is only for systems
using systemd.  If you want to make it even clearer that this is
"contrib" documentation somehow, and that this is certainly not the only
(or expected, or recommended) way to run this software, that's of course
fine by me.

If these example .service and .socket files aren't merged with the
upstream git repo, all the downstreams that already use systemd and want
to integrate gnupg into their systems will make up their own systemd
service files.  Some of them will be better than others, and there will
be no canonical place for people to collect improvements that will then
flow out to everyone else.  That seems suboptimal to me, but it's
certainly up to you if you want to do that.

I note that you've already got specific custom files related to system
integration and build processes for the windows platform.  I assume
that's appreciated by folks who are working with that platform, and
upstream is a sensible location to collect this stuff.

> I see no problem for Debian to add these examples to their package - the
> extra work needed for Debian should be minimal.

I'll certainly keep them in debian if they're not imported upstream. but
i'd much rather see them upstream so that other OSes that already use
systemd won't need to go to the trouble of inventing their own configs
to have a well-integrated, session-bound set of agents.

If you had a separate directory that included mechanism to cleanly
integrate into other system managers, that would also be a reasonable
collection of things to host in the upstream repo.

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