Add option for scdaemon to open smart card in non-exclusive mode

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at
Tue Sep 13 17:05:18 CEST 2016

Hi Uri,

Am Montag 12 September 2016 03:18:24 schrieb Uri Blumenthal:
> The problem is that scdaemon insists on grabbing the token, so first - it
> refuses to access it when another daemon (tokend in this case) is connected
> to it (tokend on Mac OS X is the daemon that makes the token available to
> all the native OS X applications, such as Safari, Google Chrome, Apple
> Mail, MS Outlook, Adobe Acrobat, Keychain Access, etc. etc.). Tokend is
> talking to PIV applet.

from your description, I can see that you are having an use case that should 
be supported. The next steps would be to 
a) write it down, open up a ticket on 
b) come up with a good proposal how to technically solve this
c) come up with someone doing or funding the work.

A workaround in your case could be to use two readers, one for each token.

I'm no expert, but reading up a bit, it seems that shared access from several 
application could be a problem, either because of the state of the token
that needs to be handed over and otherwise because of speed issues if 
applications have to reset the token to some clean state. So I'm unsure if 
a "non-exclusive mode" is technically feasable.

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