gpgsm: Fix alignment

Justus Winter justus at
Wed Sep 14 10:28:55 CEST 2016

Hello Niibe :)

NIIBE Yutaka <gniibe at> writes:

> Hello, Justus,
> On armhf architecture, I got this warning with gcc-6:
> ==================
> ../../../gnupg/tests/gpgscm/scheme.c: In function ‘alloc_cellseg’:
> ../../../gnupg/tests/gpgscm/scheme.c:627:15: warning: cast increases
> required alignment of target type [-Wcast-align]
>           newp=(pointer)cp;
>                ^
> ==================
> I think that with modern C, we use (void *) for address.  (char *) is
> specifically for character where its alignment is 1.
> How about this fix?

Sure, feel free to commit this.

At first I tried to keep in sync with TinySCHEME upstream, but upstream
was not interested in my patches, and we have diverged since.

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