running all the tests

Werner Koch wk at
Mon Aug 7 20:32:11 CEST 2017


Let's get some facts: My development box is an X220 with 8 GiB RAM, an
SSD, and a i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz.  configure run not timed, "make
clean" between tests, no other large jobs running.

With the default --disable-maintainer-mode:

  $ time make -j3 check
  real    3m40.110s
  user    3m0.320s
  sys     0m10.076s

With --enable-maintainer-mode:

  $ time make -j3 check
  real    8m47.108s
  user    4m31.216s
  sys     0m17.540s

With --enable-maintainer-mode and parallel:

  $ time make -j3 check TESTFLAGS=--parallel
  real    1m35.127s
  user    3m13.272s
  sys     0m9.728s
Sure, that is pretty fast.  But a quick wc shows 90 gpgscm processes and
three dozen gpg-agents.  I'd call that a resource hog - which might be
acceptable for a developer but I doubt that build daemons like that.



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