GnuPG defaults: changing back to --no-auto-key-retrieve

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Aug 23 16:28:51 CEST 2017

On Sat, 12 Aug 2017 01:53, dkg at said:

>    --auto-key-retrieve (henceforth "AKR" here) governs whether or not to
>      retrieve unknown keys during signature verification.  It does
>      lookups by long key ID or by full fingerprint only.  It is a

If "wkd" is part of the --auto-key-locate (AKL) list and a signer's UID
is part of the signature the Web key directory is also tried.

> So, AKR is for signature verification, and AKL is for encryption.

In general this is true, but the AKL is also used to decide on how to do
the AKR.  See above.

> potentially happen even without the user's knowledge (e.g. if a MUA
> tried to check signatures on mail as it was retrieved from the
> mailserver, before the user sees it)

Good point.

> Note also that polite MUAs that want their messages to be
> easily-verified can also just ensure that their user's OpenPGP
> certificate is included with every signed message.  This introduces no

This requires changes to the MUA.  AKR retrieve Just Works (tm) - for us
and also for the TLAs.  So indeed we must make it explicit.  The best
way forward is to provide an option or GPGME to explicitly enable this.
This also requires chnages to the MUA, but iff a MUA author really wants
it the required change will be trivial.



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