Proposal with patch: Make socket directory host dependent

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Dec 12 09:45:14 CET 2017


I took your suggestion and gnupg 2.2.4 (o be released next week) will
support a new build option:

commit 17efcd2a2acdc3b7f00711272aa51e5be2476921
Author: Werner Koch <wk at>
Date:   Tue Dec 12 09:42:43 2017 +0100

    build: New configure option --enable-run-gnupg-user-socket.
    * (USE_RUN_GNUPG_USER_SOCKET): New ac_define.
    * common/homedir.c (_gnupg_socketdir_internal): Add extra directories.
    This allows to build GnuPG with an extra socketdir below /run.  See
    for a longer explanation why this is sometimes useful.
    Suggested-by: Rainer Perske
    Signed-off-by: Werner Koch <wk at>

You may use

  gpgconf -v --dry-run --create-socketdir 

to check permissions etc.



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