gpg --card-status always create proxy private keys

Alon Bar-Lev alon.barlev at
Mon Feb 13 15:31:24 CET 2017

On 13 February 2017 at 16:24, Werner Koch <wk at> wrote:
> On Mon, 13 Feb 2017 12:32, alon.barlev at said:
>> There are cases in which the card daemon (not the one gpg provides)
> If someone modifies a software, it is up to them to make it work.
> Filing this as a GnuPG bug is thus not a good idea.
> Although, Debian distributes scdaemon as a separate package, scdaemon is
> part of GnuPG proper and can't be replaced by other software while
> assuming that the whole system works as before.

That's correct, but please help us to integrate with gnupg same as
openssh guys allow to integrate gpg with their software.
All I request after recent changes is that you not fail with EEXIST if
private key hexgrip already exists on card after generate, I can try
and send patch for this if you agree. This will enable integration to
keep working.


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