Questions about gpg-wks-client usage

Patrick Brunschwig patrick at
Wed Feb 15 16:48:45 CET 2017

I got a patch from Kai which integrates gpg-wks-client into Enigmail
(thanks for this!). Now reviewing, and trying to understand the code, I
noticed that the tool is invoked the following way:

/path/to/gpg-wks-client --supported <email>

and then then the exit status of gpg-wks-client is checked (0 = OK,
other = did not work).

Is this the correct way to determine if gpg-wks-client was successful?
Or is this the better (safer) way:

/path/to/gpg-wks-client --status-fd 2 --supported <email>

and then the status output should be checked just like regular gpg-output?


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