[PATCH]Build with gpg-error in non-standard prefix

Katarina Behrens Katarina.Behrens at cib.de
Wed Feb 15 21:08:26 CET 2017

Hello world, 

this is my first time on this list and I'm totally clueless as for what the 
social conventions and procedures for submitting patches here are, so please 
bear with me.

On fairly run-of-the-mill Linux system, I have libgpg-error in non-standard 
prefix (let's say /opt), so that:

'gpg-error-config --cflags' => '-I/opt/include'
'gpg-error-config --libs' => -L/opt/lib -lgpg-error

So I do (in the folder with gpgme sources):

./configure --with-libgpg-error-prefix=/opt

So far, everything is peachy. But that's where it ends and with this setup 
(and with libassuan in a different prefix), I can't build gpgme. 

Compilation fails because it can't find gpg-error headers (src/Makefile.am 
AM_CFLAGS contains only LIBASSUAN_CFLAGS). Linking of gpgme-tool fails as 
well, as gpgme_tool_LDADD misses reference to GPG_ERROR_LIBS

Attached patch fixes the issue. 

I'm not sure if actually having gpg-error in a different prefix (that is not the 
same as libassuan prefix) is a supported scenario and maybe what I'm doing is 
rather silly. In that case, feel free to ignore the patch.


Katarina Behrens

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