pubkey_encrypt failed: Provided object is too short (with 2.1.11 and Werner's new subkeys)

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at
Fri Jan 6 09:24:00 CET 2017

Am Donnerstag 05 Januar 2017 20:02:57 schrieb Werner Koch:
> > With gnupg 2.1.11 libgcrypt 1.6.5 using

I know that this combination is old and probably superceded by a better one.
(This is why I've pointed it out in two places of my post.)

> > == Why GnuPG 2.1.11?
> > On some systems I do not have  the most recent release because those
> > release can be problematic on their own ways (example the keyserver and
> > 32bit problems of 2.1.17). Hopefully the defect is already fixed, still
> > I've found
> There is no 32 bit problem in 2.1.17.  

Thanks for clarification, I had browsed some emails and thought I've seen 
problems with the test suite in the 2.1.17 tarball on 32 bit. But I did not 
look closely.

> A fix for the keyserver has been posted and 2.1.16 still works well.

So the current recommendation is to use 2.1.16 until 2.1.18 is out
or apply the keyserver fix...

It shows my point: sometimes (some people on some systems) cannot immedeately 
switch to the most recent version because there may be other problems with 
it. Overall this is fine as 2.1. is "modern" and we need to make progress, so 
people should switch to the latest 2.1. to give it some testing. However it 
may make my observation interesting to some folks.

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