How to use gpgme to manage gpg keys remotely?

David Parrish daveparrish at
Fri Jan 6 16:22:37 CET 2017

I'm working on an application which runs GPG from a home server. The application encrypts important files and releases them if the user fails to "check in" after a certain amount of time.
I'm using GPGME and making progress with the application, but having trouble using GPGME to delete a public/private key without pinentry prompting me. I have been able to use GPGME to enter a passphrase without pinentry prompting me.

How can the delete key prompt be suppressed or responded to using GPGME?
Is a remote application like I described an appropriate use case for GPGME and GPG? I planned for the the user to "check in" using a web app or phone app, prompting them to enter their GPG key passphrase to sign a message. I know this is not very secure, but I'm doing my best to make the application easy enough for people not familiar with GPG to use it.

Here is more information on my project:

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