[PATCH] gpg: Allow to freeze faked system time.

Justus Winter justus at g10code.com
Thu Jan 19 10:42:27 CET 2017

Damien Goutte-Gattat <dgouttegattat at incenp.org> writes:

> * g10/gpg.c (main): If the parameter for --faked-system-time
> ends with a '!', freeze time at the specified point.
> * common/gettime.c (gnupg_set_time): Allow to freeze the time
> at an arbitrary time instead of only the current time.
> * doc/gpg.texi: Update documentation for --faked-system-time.
> --
> This patch allows the user to modify the behavior of the
> --faked-system-time option: by appending a '!' to the parameter,
> time in GnuPG will be frozen at the specified time, instead of
> advancing normally from that time onward.

Merged, thanks!

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