[PINENTRY PATCH] add efl-based frontend

Mike Blumenkrantz zmike at samsung.com
Wed Jan 25 14:12:19 CET 2017

On Tue, 24 Jan 2017 12:10:52 +0100
Justus Winter <justus at g10code.com> wrote:

> Mike Blumenkrantz <zmike at samsung.com> writes:
> > Thanks for your clarification. I've attached a new version of the patch
> > which I believe addresses all the issues you have cited in both the
> > contents of the patch and the commit log.  
> Thanks.  In the mean time, I was finally able to build the pinentry.  I
> have some remarks:
> 1/ the window is very small, there is no margin around the widgets at
> all, it looks crowded.
> 2/ as soon as I enter a character, the text input field is resized
> (enlarged), and as a consequence so is the dialog window.
> 3/ the buttons have no logos, yet the text is off-center.

Thanks for checking, I'll look into these items.

> > Since we are being very technical about the commit log, and you
> > specifically cited the docs, I'd like to point out that nowhere in the
> > docs/HACKING file
> > (https://git.gnupg.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=gnupg.git;a=blob;f=doc/HACKING#l21)
> > does it say anything about capitalization or punctuation. The prefixing
> > that you've mentioned, while common in commit messages, is referred to
> > something that is "usually" present, and it has no example for the
> > addition of new components. Furthermore, listing files with their
> > changes is also not in this document, nor is it done in every commit:
> > the top-most commit that I was working off in the tree is
> > https://git.gnupg.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=pinentry.git;a=commit;h=a383ddeb76463ddcf5aca2fb38847ea3158c42a7 and does not include it.
> > Based on this disconnect, it's easy to see why someone like
> > me who has been working off very direct RFC-style specifications
> > recently would produce a commit log which "stands out" :)
> >
> > I'd be happy to submit a patch for the docs/HACKING file which
> > addresses these discrepancies to avoid any potential confusion
> > with future contributors.  
> Documentation patches are very welcome :)
> Thanks,
> Justus

I'll follow up on this as well.

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