Key creation problem with 2.1.16

Justus Winter justus at
Mon Jan 30 17:52:44 CET 2017


Carola Grunwald <caro at> writes:

> on Mon, 30 Jan 2017 10:50:53 +0100, you wrote:
>>Carola Grunwald <caro at> writes:
>>> agent the call stack dump always looks the same as shown below. Here it
>>> Stack for thread gpg-agent.exe+0x14e0
>>> -------------------------------------------------
>>> ntoskrnl.exe!SeAccessCheckWithHint+0xb4a
>>May I ask how you create these stack traces?
> Sysinternals Process Explorer v16.20

How did you get it to resolve symbols?  I never figured that out :/

> You know of anything more accurate I could use?

Well, you can attach a gdbserver to the process, and use gdb on a remote
Linux box with the sources, that is really nice, albeit a bit slow.

> BTW, the problem persists after updating to 2.1.18, same dumps.


Fwiw, I saw gpg-agents hanging on Windows XP, it regularly happened
while running the test suite.  I don't see those kind of problems with
our current Windows 8.1 test box.

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