Non-blocking connect for dirmngr

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Jun 13 15:13:35 CEST 2017

On Fri,  9 Jun 2017 21:02, fgunbin at said:
>   4 - 21:56:33 dirmngr[91489.6]: connection from process -1 (501:20)
>   4 - 21:56:37 dirmngr[91489.6]: DBG: chan_6 <- WKD_GET --quick --submission-address -- foo at

I wonder why it takes 4 seconds that gpg sends the command after the
connection has already been setup.

>   4 - 21:56:37 dirmngr[91489.6]: DBG: dns: libdns initialized
>   4 - 21:56:57 dirmngr[91489.6]: DBG: dns: getsrv( Server indicated a failure

Here we have a 20 second delay but it comes from the resolver - there
has been no connection attempt.  I noticed that Patrick has the same
problem.  Is your connection toi the resolver IPv4 or IPv6?  (Justus
fixed a v6 bug today).



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