Gpg4win-3.0-beta215, we are getting there

Andre Heinecke aheinecke at
Fri Mar 3 17:33:11 CET 2017


After some more time of hot development I've just uploaded a new beta 
installer for Gpg4win. We are getting there but sadly this is not yet a real 
Release Candidate as we still have some missing features / known issues we 
want for 3.0.

(See )

It contains GnuPG-2.1.19 and a largely reworked GpgOL.

My personal Opinion is that this is the first Version of GpgOL that is actually 
fun to use and has a good Quality already. :-)

There probably still are some bugs (thats why it's beta) as a lot of the code 
was changed but in principle the inner workings of GpgOL should be more solid 
and reliable now.

Some of the biggest changes compared to the last beta are:

- GpgOL no longer modifies your MAPI Stores (no spurious syncs, no "do you want 
to save changes bugs etc.)

- It does decryption / verification by itself and shows the Signature / Crypto 
state itself.

- GpgOL now fully supports HTML Mails (even with embedded images)

- GpgOL and GnuPG now support Web Key Directories (if configured accordingly)

Sadly what did not make it into the beta was a new and improved key selection 
dialog for GpgOL. This will come soon.

Kleopatra also got some love:

- Kleopatra has a new Key Details dialog (which needs some more work but it's 
already an improvement)

- Kleopatra can now manage PGP smartcards.

- File encryption can now again create multiple files instead of only archives.

There are many more things and of course the updated GnuPG in itself has seen 
lots of changes. E.g. Some hangs of the agent which happend with the previous 
version should now be gone.

Please help us with your feedback.


Maybe we'll anounce the beta on gpg4win-announce later after we have done some 
more testing internally.

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