ADMIN: Some mail addresses are now rewritten (was: Test mail from Outlook)

Werner Koch wk at
Sat Mar 11 18:27:25 CET 2017


You may have noted that the From address has been rewritten to show the
list address instead of your address.  In addition a reply-to header has
been set so that your address is also known. 

The reason for this is that some mail sites now have a DMARC reject
policy which leads to a bounce for all subscribers whose mail provider
honors this DMARC policy - for example gmail.  After a few bounces
message delivery to those subscribers will blocked by our Mailman.

I have meanwhile unblocked all those addresses but the mails since
Thursday or Friday have not been delivered to the affected accounts.

The mitigation is to either use the list address as From: address or a
modify the From: address to make it invalid (e.g. append the reserved
domain "invalid").  Mailman offers the first option and that is what is
now in use for every poster which an address where a reject policy is
is advertised.

The problem with this rewriting is that it breaks quoting.  For example
here is how I would have replied to Jeff's test mail:

  On Sat, 11 Mar 2017 15:02, gnupg-users at said:
  > Just a simple test message as asked by Werner to test something…
  Thank you.

Thus I think marking the address invalid would have been a better choice
for Mailman - but there is no option for this yet.



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