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On Mar 20, 2017 19:15, "NIIBE Yutaka" <gniibe at> wrote:

I maintain Scute and Poldi in Debian.  I don't say I maintain them in
upstream.  It would be worth a try.

My position for PKCS#11 is not so positive.  Historically speaking, it
worked as a kind of buzzword to invite proprietary software (drivers,
implementations, utilities).  Admittedly, it would be good than nothing,

And I'd prefer if I could just associate a fpr with a user and have
something generate a challenge for me to decrypt with my key. But there's
nothing in pam for that...

Obviously browser sso also requires a cert, so there's that too. If gpg is
able to do it all, I'd be thrilled. If it can't, I'll be trying to work
around it where it falls short.
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