GnuPG is looking for a Phrabicator admin

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Nov 2 18:58:17 CET 2017


It is now been more than 6 months that we replaced our old Roundup based
bug tracker by a self-hosted Phrabicator instance (
Unfortunately the admin, who set up and maintained that system, quit his
job at g10 Code in September.  There is no one left to replace him and I
don't have the time to get used to the internals of that large system
and take care of it.

Thus g10 Code is now looking for a freelancer to take care of the VM.  Experience with running Phrabicator would be very
helpful.  Unless there is an emergency the amount of work required
should be less than 20 hours a months.

If you are interested in that job please get in contact with me at info
at g10code com.



Status is tracked at
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