[PATCH GNUPG] sm: Search for qualified.txt at sysconfdir first

Alon Bar-Lev alon.barlev at gmail.com
Fri Sep 1 14:19:34 CEST 2017

On 1 September 2017 at 13:39, Werner Koch <wk at gnupg.org> wrote:
> On Fri,  1 Sep 2017 08:24, alon.barlev at gmail.com said:


> Given that the current qualified.txt has only expired certificates and I
> do not want to maintain this file anymore, I think it is better to move
> this entirely to sysconfdir and have no fallback.  So we would
> distribute only an explample explaining the format.
> What do you think?

No problem... I will prepare a patch.
What about backward compatibility? Will announcement be enough?


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