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> Hi,
> I have started a GSoC project about improving EasyGnuPG
> under the organizational umbrella of Debian:
> So far there have been about 10 students interested in it.
> From interactions that I had with them (I give them small tasks
> to complete, etc.) I think that 2-3 of them are really promising.
> Actually I would like to support 2-3 students, if possible.
> They can work on different tasks, like:
>  - Rewrite EasyGnuPG (or parts of it) so that it is built with Python and
>  - Implement a GUI to EasyGnuPG (maybe with Python).
>  - Write a Debian package for installing EasyGnuPG. Extend EasyGnuPG with
> scripts/commands that automate other common usage scenarios (for example
> keeping the master key on a card).
> The problem is that for each student-proposal pair you also
> have to find at least a mentor, and a mentor is not allowed to be
> primary mentor for more than 2 projects. Meanwhile I have also
> proposed a couple of other projects and I am committed to them
> as well.
> So, I would like some help or support for mentoring these
> students. I can still be a co-mentor for each of the projects,
> and maybe I will do most of the interaction with the students
> (right now I am not working, so I have plenty of time). But
> I am not allowed to be a primary mentor for more than 2 projects.
> Besides this, I am not an expert on Python programming or
> making GUI applications (and even I am not an expert on GPG
> itself), so some help or support would be really useful.

Now the application period is over and it is time to select
the best students and to apply for GSoC slots.

About 20 students have been interested for this project
and 7 of them managed to make a final project proposal.
Most of them are interested in rewriting EasyGnuPG
with Python and GPGME. Another goal of the project
is to build a Python package and a Debian package
for the new EasyGnuPG, for easy installation.

I would like to request 3 GSoC slots, in order to support
3 different students. The problem is that we are currently
only 2 mentors for this project. With only 2 mentors we can
technically support only 2 applications.

If there were 3 mentors, it would be easier to get 3 slots
(the probability would be much higher). And also it would be
easier to manage the students. For example, if I suddenly get ill,
the internships would not be interrupted, because the other
mentors would take care of the administrative tasks: checking
students' reports (once a week), and giving a feedback
to GSoC about their progress (once a month).

Anybody would like to help and be a mentor?

You can also help with selecting the best students, if you wish.
I can share with you their project proposals and other details.

Best regards,
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