[RFC] Add group support to key management commands

Uri Blumenthal uri at mit.edu
Fri Dec 21 15:18:23 CET 2018

I support this idea.

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> On Dec 21, 2018, at 07:50, Stephan Mueller <smueller at chronox.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using KDE's kmail and rely heavily on the GPG group feature to encrypt 
> emails to groups. The GPG support in kmail seems to have changed recently such 
> that group support seems to be non-functional at this point.
> After strace'ing kmail a bit, I found that the following command is executed 
> to search for the recipient key.
> gpg2 --batch --no-sk-comments --charset utf8 --enable-progress-filter --exit-
> on-status-write-error --with-colons --list-keys -- <RECIPIENT>
> When the recipient is a GPG group, this command is empty.
> May I ask whether it is considered appropriate to add group support to this 
> mechanism so that when recipient is a group, the command returns all members?
> The attached patch would do that (note, the patch is for discussion - it does 
> not link at the moment, because pkclist.c is not in libcommon.a. But if you 
> manually copy the functions from pkclist.c to getkey.c, you see that the patch 
> works).
> Ciao
> Stephan
> <expand_groups_list_keys.diff>
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