[PATCH libgpg-error] doc: clarify patch submission workflow

Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg at fifthhorseman.net
Sun Feb 4 04:00:40 CET 2018

On Thu 2018-02-01 15:55:48 -0500, Todd Zullinger wrote:
> I have my doubts that git send-email will ever directly
> support PGP/MIME.  But if signed patches are desired,
> there's no reason not use git format-patch to generate a
> patch (whether a single patch or a series with a cover
> letter) and then use any decent mail client to send the
> patch(es).

you're suggesting a mail client that can take an existing file that
contains an RFC822-formatted message, and will let the user sign and
send it without this kind of stuff:

> Using git send-email is generally just convenient for folks
> whose mail clients would otherwise mangle the whitespace,
> wrap the text, or otherwise bugger the patch content.

i'd like to know which mail clients you use that really make that
workflow easy :)

> It's been a while since I've delved deeply into the PGP/MIME
> specs, but does it ensure that no such whitespace mangling
> will occur?  Obviously, once the message is generated the
> signature ensures nothing is changed.  What I'm not sure of
> is whether any part of the specification allows or requires
> any sort of whitespace or other changes.

PGP/MIME will preserve the whitespace.  Inline PGP signatures are a
whole other kettle of (messed up) fish, and should not be attempted.


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