WKD spec, draft 05

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Thu Jan 4 17:13:16 CET 2018

Moin Werner,
a happy new year to you and all GnuPG people!

Just saw today that you have published a v05 of 
(I like the diff tool [1] to check changes.)

* What is a good way to track the development of the draft?
  Does the IETF offer a tool to send me an email if a new revision is
  published? Could you drop me (and the devel-list) an email if a new
  revision is there?

* The new requirement for serving WELLKNOWN/policy to be able to detect
  the existence of the service makes sense to me. Especially because I believe
  that the draft should state that the server MUST prevent walking 
  the list of available pubkeys for privacy reasons, for instance by disabling
  the directory display function of a web server.

 Can you add the statement to the next revision?
  Rationale for suggesting: MUST over SHOULD:
  I can see usecases where re-using the 
  .well-known/openpgpkey/hu/ as way to publish all OpenPGP pubkeys
  at once, but I'd say that this is the exceptional case and there are better
  methods of publishing a set of pubkeys, e.g. by using a single file with
  serveral pubkeys or by generating a HTML page with all email addresses.

* There is a typo in v05: 
     The file contains keywords and optioanlly values
probably should be
     The file contains keywords and optional values

Best Regards,


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