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Thu Jan 25 18:29:22 CET 2018


I just published version 04 of rfc4880bis:


In case you want to look at the diff to -03 in a browser:


See https://gitlab.com/openpgp-wg/rfc4880bis for the repo.

Changes since -03:

- Additional data for AEAD has been changed to include only the packet
  tag but not the packet length.

- Chunked AEAD mode is not used with SKESK and Secret-Key packets.

- Examples for AD are provided.

- Protocol numbers for AEDH and AEDSA are reserved.

- TripleDES as implicit preference and mandatory algorithm has been
  replaced by AES-128.

- RSA and ECDSA are now mandatory.

- DSA and Elgamal are now optional.

Note that the last 3 changes have not explicitly been discussed in the
WG.  The reservation of AEDH and AEDSA was requested by Derek back in
April 2016, I decided to include them so that they don't get lost.

Current GnuPG master has support for AEAD encryption except for the
protection of secret-keys.



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