[PATCH 1/5] cpp: expose minimal key export flag from C

Thorsten Behrens thb at libreoffice.org
Wed Jan 31 11:29:46 CET 2018

Werner Koch wrote:
> That is an ABI change and thus a no-go.
Right - needs recompiling all client code. Though for c++, ABI tends
to break all the time, so how large a problem is that really?

> Also the use of a dedicated flag for a very special option is not a
> good idea.  We need a clean design for this.
I took inspiration from other places in context.h ;)

More seriously, I only see bad options here. We either:
- introduce global state
- duplicate all four exportPublic-functions & add a qualifier to the
  method names
- or admit this was an oversight to not expose the gpgme_op_export()
  flags from c++, and break ABI

Which one would you prefer?

> You should also explain why you need this.
Eh, that should be obvious? I need to opionally export keys minimally,
but the cpp binding does not expose gpgme_op_export()'s flag
parameter. I also cannot (easily) fallback to using the C binding
directly, due to stuff being class-private.


-- Thorsten
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