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Am Mittwoch, den 25.07.2018, 03:04 +0200 schrieb Dashamir Hoxha:
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> > [ . . . ]
> > If you require a better usable CLI, feel free to create your
> > personal
> > wrapper script to implement one. It may turn out to be superior to
> > the
> > current one and people will start using it instead of the old one.
> > 

> Thanks for the encouragement, but creating my "personal" wrapper
> script
> does not seem like a compelling or a good idea to me. It can be
> successful
> only if it has the support of the core developers and it is
> distributed
> with the
> official release.

I see no reason for a wrapper in the GnuPG release. That's something
what's up to the users usecase for gpg. most commands on the CLI which
are used on a regular basis are as easy to use as possible, I think.

Gpg is used in so many ways by it's users, I wouldn't wonder if even
Werner didn't think about some of them, before he heard of them.

Distributing wrapper scripts with gnupg is not a goof idea, they would
have to be provided for any platform. That means as shell scipts for
Linux/Unix, as batch file for windows and so an. Python would not be an
option because it would generate a dependency on python, what, for
example, means an additional installation for python on windows.

For long command line commands I created aliases, where this is enough,
or I wrote my own scripts, where it is neccessary.

There are even many GUI-Frontends for gpg out there, seahorse and GPA
for example, and much more. 

Blowing up GnuPG itself, or the installation routine to install more
dependencies, is nut a good idea, in my opinion.


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